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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  October 6, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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>> devices come and go. no device is a hub forever. just the hub is you. >> big day for josh. thanks for your coverage. >> we're not done. kayla and i will be back this afternoon on "closing bell." for now let's get over to headquarters, michelle, on the half. ♪ >> our game plan looks like this. we're going to have a food fight. john belushi from all day breakfast to back to the future, peps where i. we're going to pick the most appetizing stocks for your portfolio. and put me in, coach. the nfl's first female coach joins us to talk football.
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stocks from your session lows. biotech getting clocked. on the flip side, energy stocks are holding on. they're surging, in fact. how are you making sense of today's action? swroe, what happened here? we falling apart in the middle of the day. >> it's bizarre in terms of which way the market is trading, and we've had sectors which have performed really well. lassfied as growth over the last couple of wreerz. obviously i'm talking about health care, and it's not just biotech. have you seen names like bristol-myers down today. merck. those names are down. then on the other side you have the energy names. >> i know. >> you have a big move in oil. i'm more focused on the move in oil because i think there's tremendous opportunity there. i don't know necessarily if the move in health care extends to the down side. others on the desk probably know better than me, but in oil -- >> it confuse medicine a little greatly when oil has risen, the market has risen. >> true. >> not necessarily getting -- that's breaking apart.
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>> it's breaking apart, but i think that's more about what's going on in health care. >> we're seeing a little bit more of value versus growth. that value versus growth trade kind of thing. you have energy. you have industrials doing well. look at technology. you have actually value tech doing better than high growth tech. i think this is kind of a pause here. we have to wait until earnings. i think earnings are going to be decent. so far we've actually gotten pretty good earnings. that might just at least settle it down for a little bit. i think to joe's point, got to let this unwind of health care happen. that's been the best leader for five wreerz. you see why people are quick to take profits. for now i think the better areas to put your money in are the value areas. >> i was focused on the positive. this has to hurt. dupont. best performer in the s&p 500. does that not terrify you? the day you step down is the day the stock really does phenomenally well. you're laughing. it's not funny. >> there's a lot of reasons behind that, it's and not just necessarily a judgment on the ceo there.
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i think going back to the markets for a second, the pressure that weave seen on health care has been an unbelievable thij. we had a couple of days where we moved very rapidly off of that lower number. >> we've got they know pullback. he tell you what, i think the most important thing we've seen has been the move in volatility. >> we feel a lot more comfortable. i think at these levels even now as we've gotten underneath the moving averages, i think you have a buy protection at these levels because we earn a marketplace that could be shifting in extreme directions both up and down. >> your thoughts on this midday
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phase. >> it is about the biotech and slides in some of the health care names. it's contributing to the weak innocence the s&p 50000. you take a look at the dow, of course, with the stocks in it, and not the same impact at all. to the dupont story, michelle, when you are looking at that and you are seeing how they fought off pellets back in may and lost. i said back in may. not that i'm -- i didn't buy it back in may when he lost it. i said he is not done here. >> it's a nice pop, but there's still a lot to go in dupont. >> where it's been for sure. also on set, a partner at luke
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capital where she overseas the fixed income trading. you are bullish on global growth, right? when we see this fade here today, are you looking through that. >> well, i'm looking through it, but at the end of the day we're seeing this fade. i mean, you're seeing oil rise. you just have the imf come out and say that there's a global slow down very recently here. although i think that the story here is pretty interesting. they came out and basically said china is okay right now. he definitely agree with you as it relates to kind of the shift from growth to value. the protectionist kind of movement that's been going on. >> are they getting more comfortable being stuck with low yields when it comes to fixed income? if you don't think growth is
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going anywhere dramatic at least, 2% on the ten-year isn't quite as frightening, right? >> it's not quite as frightening, but we have to pay close attention to what has happened historically with a lot of the allocators and that's as it relates to the shift that they've been making to search for that yield. i think that's something we have to keep an eye on a long-term basis. have you pension funds that are going through a struggle right now to hit 6%, 7%, %. what does that mean? they have to find that yield where. >> it scares me. >> absolutely. >> we're -- what sectors are you guiding people towards? >> i will talk about the flow that is we're seeing, and we're absolutely seeing a shift away from the cyclicals. we're seeing a shift into more of the protectionaries. whether it's buying the proctor and gambles, the wal-mart, the high dividend yields stocks. they're trying to figure out where is the safety, where are those big brand names that we should be going after right now, and really stacking up.
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you're getting some incredible value right now. you guys have been talking about it even with the run-up that we've seen. >> you know, it's interesting to me that you are actually starting to see yields on some of the cyclicals really, really be attractive. caterpillar is close to 5%. you mentioned p & g almost 4%. union pacific 3%. i mean, there are definitely the safety kind of trades, if you will, the defensive names, but i think it's interesting that the other names are holding up better, and i think it speaks to the conversation we're having about value verz growth. >> as far as consumer plays, because i'm on that as well, i'm 100% with her on this because of both low energy prices, a little more in people's wallets as well as the consumer earning more in many cases because some of the jobs have just seen a pretty significant increase in take-home pay. it's not perhaps where people would like to be, but it's a step forward. i think a lot of that gets spent. would you be a big box retailer,
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buyer into the end of year into the holiday shopping season? i know you said autos as well, but would you also go over there one of my stocks is best buy. i'm trying to get you to run that one. >> well, i'll talk about my personal portfolio. i have picked up some of the big box retailers. i also like a luxury goods on a global basis. i mean, whether it's, again, as you know, i'm a bull on china. i definitely think the consumer is spending regardless. you talk about 6.8%. i think growth is what they've come out with today. chinese are spending money, whether they're spend it in china is another question, but they're going elsewhere in their spending, and what are they buying? they're buying luxury goods. they're buying american brands ooshg i'm huge on apple and the play on the consumer overall. >> you talked about some of the plays. whether it stays is there another question. all s&p 50000 sectors up 2%
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today. tracking for its sixth straight day of gains. that's the first time it would have happened since december of 2013. this as both brent and wti crude hit their highest levels in over a ho. now, powering the gains today, energy, you got some of the drillers. you got a transocean, diamond off shore. also, chesapeake on the national side of things all by the 4% to 5% mark. then you have other names too. consol energy. getting a pop today. this is a coal company. they have a lot of business in coal. that's down about 65%. over 65% for the year. the stock is taking a dive most recently on moody's dim outlook for the coal business overall. that stock up about 1.5 3erz today off from its highs so far. part of this whole energy story not just oil and gas, but also coal. michelle, back to you. >> thank you. want to elim will be rate? >> i think oil is complicated in the sense right now you have to look at the middle east. you have to look at what's going in syria, and have you to understand that the russians right now are doing a lot of saber rattle and what's the
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dynamic has to do with trying to get the saudis to move away from the focus on market share and get them to focus once again on price. the reality is the iranians, the russians need a production cut. the saudis are unwilling to do it. a lot of the what's going on, you read bank credit analyst. knee done a great job highlight it. a lot of the right now, the actions in syria are all about what's going with pricing oil. >> anybody else trading energy or oil? >> i would just say that the dollar stabilization is also helping this sector, and also helping the industries industrials, right? if the dollar doesn't go up as much, then the earnings don't come out as much. >> the dollar is getting clobbered. $1.13. >> once the dollar settled down. that started on friday. the fed decided not -- it started a couple of weeks ago. bad numbers on friday. i think that the dollar is having some impact on both of these sectors. >> as oil started to pull back and we had seen oil in this low to mid 40s, and we started to
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see volatility pull back in both oil and the volatility index ichts, last week we had seen some huge opportunities 234 exxonmobil, conco phillips and the majors in the huge upside calling buying. very inexpensive shots on the up side. now are you seeing the big move in oil to the up side, and you are seeing the names all moving in a much better way than you've seen the rest of the market for sure. >> i know with you longer term question, look at the note from citi today. they think collectively, a 20% gain for global equities to end 2016. i mean, they think we're still in what they call the phase three of the bull market, but still, you as sanguin or positive as they are? >> i actually am positive on the market. i think there's something we have to be cognizant of. the folks that are running the money have been positioning those portfolios very defensively over time. i don't know if it's a self-fulfilling prophecy we don't do as well as we possibly should or could be or as i feel the economy is doing.
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if we go off of fund mentals or with earnings as they come in as time going on here, i think the companies are healthy, is we'll continue to see some of the strong earnings from pepsi and this market can get that level of run. 20% might be a little heavy for my blood, but i do see using up at the year ending as fourth quarter strongly. we'll see. >> courtney, great to have you on. >> thanks. >> coming up, as the stock market falls more than 18% this year, and the company slashes its forecast, dupont's ceo calls it quits, and investors like the news. this is a nightmare, isn't it? you resign, and the stock goes up. you have to feel bad. the shakeup, is it enough? plus, food for thought. all day breakfast at mcdonald's. positive earnings at peps where i and young brands on deck to report. the most appetizing trades coming up next. you're watching cnbc first in business worldwide.
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can your business deliver?
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may be lunchtime, but you can still get breakfast at mcdonald's. they're launching their all day breakfast today. the company has had a tough year. 10% drop in sales in earnings last quarter. this is breakfast move going to be enough to move the needle? stephanie you own the stock. does this make you more bullish?
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>> encouraged. i like the ceo and what he is doing in terms of restructure and lowering the cost. i think there's a lot that they're going to talk about their november analyst day, and that's your catalyst in terms of lowering sg and a and lowering cap x, et cetera. the one thing he has to do is improve the product, right so that everybody on this desk who said they haven't been to mctunnelled's in years goes back to mcdonald's. the product has to get better. there are other things they can do in the meantime. for the u.s. it's not all about the u.s. it's actually how can they do internally. they haven't been doing that bad in terms of in europe. china probably turns itself around. >> if you go back to the breakfast thing, i do eat at mcdonald's frequently. i like egg mcmuffins. what struck me about the decision to go to breakfast all day was it reflected finally a loosening of the rigidity. i mean, did you ever try -- you ever go in at 10:35, and they look at you like glassy eyed and -- no, can't give you that egg mcmuffen. really? i mean, it took them so long to
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think about the way americans eat differently now. >> that's to my point. he is new. this is a leerp shid change. he did a good job in europe before he wasn't named the ceo. i think that he is going to bring some of the changes that he put in place in europe here to the u.s., but it's not just u.s. have you to keep an eye on what happens in europe, which has been doing quite kwl well and see what happens in china. i think you'll get better there. >> everybody has been requesting is like you are talking about. taco bell offers things. they talk about the great opportunities when it comes to breakfast. the other thing is they got to refine the menu. they have got to reduce the menu down. i think those two catalysts put the stock over 110. we've got one of them. now we need the other. >> i feel that way about young brands. let's talk about young brands. numbers after the bell, right?
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taco bell. i can't -- >> it's all the same product, but they've got 20 different, you know, vergs of a taco. it's very confusing to me. what are your thoughts? >> yet, young has performed adequately in the face of what you would think would be a lot of struggles in particular as it relates to what's gone on with the chinese economy. >> kfc. >> pizza hut. >> i think there is resiliency in the stock. i think there's some surprise that the stock has done as well as it's done so far today. i think the risk potentially after this earnings result is to the up side because i think most people still are suspicious that they can continue to perform the way they have. >> all right. we're talking about mcdonald's and young brands. we've talked about pepsi. after reporting better than expected erpgz. our sarah eisen is looking at the pepsi pop. sarah. >> pepsi pop is right. pepsi surprised the street in a good way all around. i picked out a few numbers to highlight what a strong quarter it was for the snack and
12:19 pm
beverage company. 4%. that's how much the north american beverage business grew during the quarter. that was largely nonsoda. gatorade, bottled water, coffee, tea. it shows that the strength is happening outside of today wra and in the u.s. market. frito-lay also strong in north america. 12%. that's how much the strong -- peps where i is a big player in russia wra and other emerging markets whose currencies have tanked. that hurts business. then 54.8%. that was the gross margin number, and pepsi has managed to expand it for the last few years. raising prices, a big story. pepsi showed that companies with big international exposure can still dazzle with earnings. certainly the stock has been rewarded for it today. over the last year it's up about 3% so far this year. 4% over the last year.
12:20 pm
that does outperform coke. other consumer staples in the broader s&p 500. >> thank you very much. sarah eisen. somebody is long -- >> i'm long pepsi. >> i've been long pepsi for about five wreerz now. if you take a look at this disclosure, you'll see this name is always on there for me. the reason it has been is i disagree with a lot of the activist that is have tried to attack pepsi over the wreerz and talk about how they have to split the company. i think they have done an wrout standing swrob in terms of management. they've continually outpaced coca-cola. i also think coke is finally starting to wake up. they've made some investments that i think will pay off into the future, and right now peps where i is already basically not only doing that, but they have the snack foods. they have everything. >>. >> so, yeah, she's responded to activism pretty well, i think, actually. you know, knee got the products. knee got the name. they've got the global scale. now she's actually being able to execute consistently, which is a very important part of the
12:21 pm
story. the fact that she's raising guidance was very big. she kind of came in with where the whisper number is in terms of guidance number, and it's very big. i would not rule out down the road a pepsi mondolese kind of combination. i don't think the story is over just yet. >> we love running patrick swazey videos so texas roadhouse. this is great. >> patrick swaze from roadhouse. there's actually no direct tie-in. just same name. roadhouse. they put a texas in front of it, which made it even better, by the way. >> it's not science. >> i do like texas roadhouse, and buffalo wild wings. like both those. by the way, swrim levinthal talked about nike where i ahead of those earnings and said, you know, this is not that huge durable goods order. this is the discretionary spent. i think that the same thing is true of young brands many of these food items that we're talking about that these chains
12:22 pm
sell. >> is the stock now a good bet? we'll go around the desk. plus, making history. the first female nfl coach joins us live. we'll get an inside look at the league making it a male-dominated world. , talk about the scandal of fantasy sports. more halftime next. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call today to request a free decision guide. with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that
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>> dupont, ceo ellen coleman is out. stock fell 33% over the past year. company slashing its wrout look. mary thompson is live from the new york stock exchange with more on that story. mary. >> hey there, michelle. as you pointed out -- downplaying. a proxy battle with coleman being caught last year after investing in the firm back in --
12:26 pm
>> back in may shareholders backed management at the annual meeting. the stock dropped on the news. afterwards we spoke with coleman who ran the firm for seven years. at that time she poined out the spinoff of the chemicals business, with just six weeks away, mark agnew era for dupont. >> attempt we're launching the new dupont. it's higher value and higher growth. focus odd where are science matters and customers are around the world. it is a big separation for us. it's a big change. the change failing to pay off, though, in the short temple. dupont citing currency issues in brazil and now interim ceo and board member ed green will be overseeing cost cuts that will be outlined in the fourth kaurt. the firm says it's hired a search firm to help it find coleman's replacement. back to you, michelle. >> all right. thank you very much, mary.
12:27 pm
we've actually got a herd alert because mouf you like it here. john. where is this name attractive? >> i think the mistake that ms. coleman made was spending so much money to fight nellon peltz. i know they had the ability to basically get all the proxies out to the right folks and a lot of folks weren't willing to vote against basically the slated candidates and so forth, and mr. peltz, this was one that they chalked up to a loss. >> especially when you look at the fact that the tyco side made some slooidz splits. i'm not saying is he going to make any action, but it speaks volumes about the fact that she steps down, she's now going to be out on october 16th and will
12:28 pm
be gone. now all of a sudden it's off and running. they have great margens. they've got a lot of positives. >> i do. pete highlights the change in management, obviously. means a different culture, a different operational structure that can give investors the belief that there will be significant change, and i think they've priced the ag business, which is just continually eroded. i think they've thrown the kitchen sink in on that. any turn or improvement in the ag business benefits them. >> do you know -- >> i like the nakt in 18 years this stock has sat at $57 a share. it's pretty extraordinary when you think about that, right? >> coming up, a red light for tesla. love for cisco and freeport. weighs its options as well. that and more in our trader blitz. do interest rates matter? not as much as you think according to one professor. he will join us ahead.
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vehicles. perception that is israeli is trying to tighten its grip on a shrine sacred to muslims, playing a major role in heightening tensions. fighting has erupted again in the afghan city of kunduz after taliban fighters attacked a headquarters of police. food and other emergency aid is now being blocked from the city because of roadside bombs. americans are cautiously optimistic, apparently, about the upcoming holiday shopping season. according to a price waterhouse coupers certain have a 53% say they'll spend about the same as last year with one-third saying they'll spend more. shoppers say they'll spend about $1,000. and listen up all you breakfast-arians. mcdonald's serving all day breakfast trying to regain momentum in the struggling sales. breakfast is the only segment delivering strong growth for restaurants these days. that's the cnbc news update this hour. back to you. >> thank you, sue.
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love that breakfast news. let's look at the markets right now. middle of the day we went negative here. nasdaq the worst performerer. that's a lot to do with biotech. industrials also positive territory, but take a look. the worst performing territory, health care. off collectively more than 3%. 3 1/3%. peter, peter, peter. >> yeah, it's been a sector that i obviously have liked for a long time. i'm still very heavily involve. matter of fact, today i added merck calls because we had activity in merck that pulled me back into there. i'm more into the big cap names in terms of that space that i am some of these biotech names. i like some of these biotechs. i'm staring at gilead now that it's you should $100 again. i'm waiting for opings to lead myself back into that one. we haven't seen any yet, though. >> i just think that earnings are going to be good for this
12:34 pm
group. i wouldn't necessarily be buying it here. this really doesn't feel very good, quite frankly, but i think the earnings picture is going to be very good. it makes 5% and 6% moves a day. it has the past 30 that trading sessions anyway, that it's moved 6% or more. it's just phenomenal to the bad side really because you're looking at basically middle of september. 360 price thereabouts for the ibb. traded down to 285.
12:35 pm
now it's down another 19 points or 6%. a lot of that plays into it. illuminia. however you pronounce that. ilmn just getting clocked today. >> interest rates. treasury yields reversing course along with the broader market here today. that makes sense. you see people running out of stocks. push yields lower. jackie deangeles's nymex with the futures now crew. jackie. >> hi. good afternoon, militia. that's right. yields are holding just above 2%. that's for the ten-year note. jim, risk on. what does it tell us? >> well, this is really amazing to me. i kind of miss this on friday. when the numbers came out and they were awful, and we took the -- started to take the fed out of the picture, and rates were going lower for longer. >> rates were lower along the curve. along came the time where all of a sudden it was, like, wait a second, if we're risk on, then maybe we should be selling the
12:36 pm
long end, and the yields should go up. and maybe there's a small element of if all these central banks are being accommodative and now the fed is joining it, then perhaps some day they will spur a little bit of inflation. this is interesting. i think yields could go higher if the risk stays the story. >> do you agree with jim's point of view, or do you think we hang out at two and go even lower? >> mostly i agree with what jimmy is saying, jack where i. we have some resistance in the ten-year, and the 210 level. small resistance. there's bigger at 216 to 220. jackie, let's not forget that before all the talk heated up about raising interest rates, the ten-year was trading 230, 240 in that area. i wouldn't be surprise the if the yields didn't go back to those levels. >> we have the on-line show today. the gentleman will be there. we're talking about the big spike in crude, michelle. we have darren to discuss that, and also ralph who is telling us why he loves the stock market right now. tune in. futures, top of the hour. >> sounds great. we'll be looking forward to it. let's talk about interest rates.
12:37 pm
professor john cochran, a senior fellow at stanford institution. he is the man behind the grouchy economist blog. good to have you here. >> it's good to be here. >> the reason i wanted to have you on is because it's been pointed out to me if you were a viewer of cnbc, you might think that economists who are associated with, say, the liberal side of the aisle are very in favor of the fed not raising interest rates keeping interest rates very low and if you are an economist that's more associated with the free market side of the equation, that you're urging them to raise interest rates at this point because it's been too disruptive, and somebody said, you know, interview john parkin. he is very free markets, and he also doesn't think that the fed should necessarily raise interest rates at this point. am i correct on that? >> well, i think it's a lot less of an idealogical or political decision that you want. there's a genuine concern on both sides. you know, what should the fed do? where is the balance of inflation on unemployment, so forth? the fact is, though, right now things are just -- things are really nice.
12:38 pm
low interest rates are great. very low inflation is great. low unemployment is great. it's hard to see the big hurry. you have to make some case that some big stress is building up and going to explode soon, and it's really hard to see that. >> the critics of the fed say, look, because people are searching for yield you have pushed people to places to do things and invest in things that they otherwise wouldn't do and, hence, you're creating bubbles in other places, and it's the wrong thing to do. what do you say to them? >> i would say that's a pretty strange argument, and it confuses the level of interest rates with the spreads. borrowing at 3 and lending at 6, and the same as borrowing at 3 0 and lending at 3. it's hard to lirnk the level of interest rates to how much risk people are willing to take. >> so bottom line, when do you think they are going to move at this point? >> well, they're pretty clear about what they're going to do. they're not going to do anything dramatic, and really getting all excited about 25 to 50 basis
12:39 pm
points seems to me like a waste of time. they might -- they're going to try to move it up a little bit, but they're going to wait to see some inflation or something that makes them go. >> you actually wrote a blog post where you said we shouldn't actually be all that phobinged on the short end of the curve at all of what the fed is going to do. why? >> yeah. you know, these small movements in interest rates, if you are a bond trader, i guess it matters. for the rest of the country, you know, 1% interest rate versus 0% interest rates, it's still very, very low. that's not the big risks we face. you know, the big risks are things like china blowing up the middle east blowing up, stuff like that. nothing with the fed is going to do at the moment. >> all right. thank you, mr. carpenter. great having you on. professor cochran. >> always a pleasure. >> we're going to chat about this. do you care that much about interest rates? >> you care about high yield because we know that the liquidity there, that's one of the fed's issues is, you know, the liquidity or lack thereof in certain contracts in particular. high yield.
12:40 pm
a lot of that stuff is coming due right now, michelle. a lot of the stuff the energy patch in particular. >> you care about interest rates because of what sectors you are going to be overweight in the portfolio, right? if you think rates are going higher and you are going to own financials, you own value versus growth. you will own some energy stocks. you'll own some things that maybe would change and shift in the portfolio versus some really high growth. i they that's what's happening in the marketplace right now. we're trying to figure out where the fed is and where rates are going, and that's why you are seeing the dance into debbing different sectors. s sfwloosh is tesla's new model x too expensive? morgan stanley thinks so, and it's cutting its price target on the stock. the trade on the carmaker is next. you are watching cnbc because we are first in business worldwide. i'm here at the td ameritrade trader offices.
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coming up at the top of the hour a woman shell rocking the woshld of daily fantasy sporpts. allegations of insider trading. is this going to lead to regulation or of the industry? also, oil is soaring. prices stable over the past two months. is the worst over? the other looming threat for the oil companies. rebounding from their august lows. three under the radar stops leading that combook. michelle, back to you. >> four trades on four stocks making news today. first up, fedex getting an upgrade at stiefel head of the t & t deal. sfroo fedex would perform well. i do think, though, ubs is better positioned towards the end of the year. less of the international concerns that fedex has had to deal with year-to-date. in terms of weakness of exports.
12:45 pm
>> that's part of the story. i think the other part of the story is the fact that they're talking about, again, about spinning off or splitting off the energy component. where they put themselves into a huge position of debt. they went from $2 billion to $20 billion from 2012 to 2013. that was something. when you look at where the price of oil was, that was just disastrous. it continues to be disastrous for them. maybe they're going to be able to resolve that, and i think that's why you are seeing this. >> citi initiating cisco with the bond, and the firm citing growing profit margin that is are outpacing expectations. >> you have a new ceo, and his leads are focused on cutting costs, but he is also phobinged on growing the company. i wouldn't be surprised see m&a activity from the company. maybe in the software securities phase. keep an eye out for that. great dividend yields. >> the automaker volume expectations. this is, i think, you know, sort
12:46 pm
of a little inside baseball, but when you have a $465 -- if you have a $46.57 price target, look at that in the $45. in other words, that is nothing. this is a 4% sell-off in the stock. down $23. because, of course, it's $236 a share. i'm dropping that off of all these examples. this just tells me that they're way too high. all they did was come down to 465 to $450 a share. >> fee at chrysler news is out. >> autoworkers have given fiat chrysler notification that the day to day extension of the contract which expired a couple of weeks ago as they were continuing to negotiate for a new contract, well, it is no longer going to honor that day to day extension.
12:47 pm
it ends tomorrow at 11:50, 9:00 p.m. this is a strike notice from the united autoworkers to fee yacht chrysler saying after 1 1s 59 tomorrow night, we are set to walk the picket line. it's how many locations. it may just be one location. those are details that remain to be seen. again, the uaw has given fee at chrysler a strike notification. 11:59 tomorrow night is when they are prepared to walk off the job. guys, back to you. >> phil, sergio is famous in italy for what he did with the union there's. i mean, could thb a really beleeringed fight? >> i think he wants to avoid a strike. let's be clear about that. part of the issue here is the fact that you have a two-tier labor wage contract. at the time people said that is great. it will bring down the cost structure.
12:48 pm
guess what, now you have 40% of your work force saying we want to move up to $28 an hour like everybody else. they want to narrow it, but not completings. that is at the heart of the issue between fee at chrysler and the united autoworkers. >> thank you, phil. coming up, the desk is going under the radar. john is watching one sector that's up over 10% in the past week. plus, john, watch out. the real dr. j is in the house. jen making nfl history as the league's first female coach. she is right here in studio. hello. talking the game, fantasy sports scandal, much more. "halftime" back right after this. welcome. in. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets
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and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. gluten free. oh! that's a lot of kale. qualifying customers may receive $750 toward a new audi q5
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12:51 pm
>> this year the nfl made history hiring its very first female coach. she became the arizona cardinal's inside linebacker coach in the pre season, this after 14 seasons as the women's professional football player. she joins us now on set. welcome. >> thank you. >> what was it like? >> it was an amazing experience, great guys. i love everybody over at the cardinals. bruce arians, smart enough to bring me on. so he might be arguably the best mind in football now. >> did the guys listen to you? did they listen to a woman? >> they absolutely did. they absolutely did.
12:52 pm
it took two things. you will appreciate this. number one, they had to know i knew football. number two, they had no know they can still be themselves as players. so it wasn't going to be awkward or anything else. so it is fitting in both football and professionally. it's great. >> a tough question. i talk to some men, they're like, k mon, this is a publicity stunt, she was there a week, what would you sa toy my husband? >> first of all, i was there all of pre season and training camp and if it was a publicity stunt, i sure wouldn't be working 7:00 to 10:00 every day. the fact is there were many interns, he's the guys interning is about nine years of the staff that the guys who were here. and if it was a publicity stunt, i would dare them to ask my linebackers that question. because they may not like how they responded. i think they could speak for it. >> yeah, well, i mean, she walks
12:53 pm
the walk, talks the talk. that's why the players respected her, too. she's put on the uniform and taken those hits. so if you are talking to somebody who has never done that, michelle, that's an all different kind of experience i think than what dr. jen has. >> is coaching something that you wanted to do all along? or did you enjoy playing and that's what you wanted to do? >> you know, both. i actually never had designs on coaching. but it was wendell davis who was the new coach of the texas revolution last year who came in after i had played with the guys. literally, i never met him before. he saw me walk in and saw how my teammates from the revolution react to me. i saw them. they picked me up. oh my gosh, it's so good to see you. wendell knew the whole story and said, gosh, who is that girl? they all love her? he said, that's your running back coach. he went, what? so he sat me down and he grilled me on final. i was like, okay, let's go then,
12:54 pm
few want to, let's go. two days later, he was like all devin, our defensive coordinator at the time. i can talk about when we left was just how fantastic you were. you have to coach this football team. and i said, oh, no, no no no, i'm not ready to coach. i don't know. and he said, listen, carole, not a lot of guys are going to give you this opportunity. so you just have to go ahead and do it. he basically said yes for me. >> to put for michelle's husband real quick, sorry, to play off her husband's question, here's a question for you. is this a one and done for you? is this a one and done for women? or what do you think is going forward in terms of the nfl? will this open up and are there other jens out there that want the opportunity or is it a small field right now? >> first of all, there are women out there putting in work for a very long time. i have great friends of mine who coach, odessa jenkins, who i played with on the u.s. national team, took over coaching the dallas elite this past year, my
12:55 pm
teammate as well as a head coach in a high school in california. there are tons, i can go down the list of phenomenal women with great football minds. you will see them progress in this sport. i am honored to quote/unquote taken the hits first, but it's not a one and done for me either. >> it's so great having you on. we really loved it. i love it. >> dr. jen, jen welter. coming up, just three hours left in the game plan, the 2nd half is up next. ♪ approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you. that's where aarp medicare supplement insurance plans
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>> time to go under the radar with three things people are watching that you might be missing. >> the transportation stocks. i talked a little about the airlines and the rails. now i think the auto parts sectors is positioned pretty well into earnings. 18 million sar in the u.s. europe registration year-to-date
12:59 pm
up 10%. china introduced a new stocks auto. they have fallen out of favor. they were the gems in the first quarter of this year. they were out of favor when china slowed down. this is a sector i like. >> dr. j. >> take a look, last monday at the solar stocks and what they have done since then, michelle. you've got stocks moving up 10-to-14%. i'm looking around at canadian solar, first solar and the like. this is with the u.s. only moving 3% over that same time i time frame. so a lots of us watched that relationship, because when energy becomes more dear, solar generally does the same, goes up. but it goes up at a bay of about 3-to-1. keep an eye on that. >> back to the interest rates, if you look at portfolio insurance, look at the reit space. there is extra space storms, ess simon property group. spg. look at the ten-year yield. not going anywhere fast. up or down. >> even if they move on the
1:00 pm
shortened, the long end doesn't move. >> good valuations. i think it's good insurance play for a portfolio. >> all right, guys, it was fun today. thanks so much. >> that does it for us here on the halftime report. "power lunch" begins right now. >> ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much, welcome, everybody, to "power lunch" i'm tyler mathieson, a bombshell locking the world, fontacy sports allegations of insider trading. so is this going to lead to regulation of this booming business. oil is soaring there, up by 4%. it's actually been pretty stable over the past two months. so is the worst over? well, maybe not. the other looming threat for the oil company. >> and after flattening out for much of the summer, home prices surging again, seeing big gains. what's fueling that one? >> good question. but first to the scandal, hig


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